DVA 1 - Period 3 and Period 5

Digital Video Arts students shooting a scene for a short film.
Digital Video Arts
Digital Video Arts 1 focuses on the creativeprocess of video production, from brainstorming and pre-production,through production and post-production (editing) to exhibition andreview. Students will explore the varying processes for documentary,short fiction and receive an introduction to live production.

Students form teams to produce videoprojects in collaboration. Together they generate ideas for videoprojects and produce them. They write short screenplays, sketchstoryboards and lighting diagrams, produce and shoot video, recordsound, design graphics, and edit short documentary and fictionvideos. Students will reflect upon and revise their work as needed,and learn how to promote and market their productions.

The skills students develop throughthis course will be applied to the creation of DVD projects andtelevision programming for Internet, mobile devices, broadcast andcable distribution. Upon successful completion of the coursestudents will have a portfolio of video productions they havecollaboratively helped to create.