DVA 2 - Period 3 and Period 5

Students recording a scene for a short film.
Digital Video Arts
Digital Video Arts 2 covers advanced levels oftechnical production, industry standards and crew management. Teamwork and group dynamics are emphasized in the beginning of thesemester as students are placed into production crews, and take turnsacting in the capacities of Director, Producer, Cameraperson, Editor,etc. Students will have practice in writing scripts, treatments formarketing, copy, critical analysis, and self-critiques of their ownwork.

Students will have an opportunity tospecialize in a job position anddevelop their own style with the creation of an artistic piece. Fromconcept through scripting, production, and finally post-production,students will gain an intimate understanding of the requirementsnecessary for narrative and documentary production as well as livetelevision production.

The skills students develop throughthis course will be applied to the creation of DVD projects andtelevision programming for Internet, mobile devices, broadcast andcable distribution. Upon successful completion of the coursestudents will have a portfolio of video productions they havecollaboratively helped to create.

Prerequisite: Completion ofDigital Video Arts 1 or equivalent course with a grade of C orbetter.