EMP I - Period 2

Mission Valley ROP
Electronic Media Production
TV Broadcast Technology / Electronic Media Production (EMP) I is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn all aspects of television production at the James Logan High School Television Studio as part of the Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program.To view the course flyer please click here. 

This first semester of a one year course (taken over a two year period*) helps students develop essential television productionskills required by college courses and entry-level jobs in the broadcasting industry. It will help them enhance their ability tocommunicate their opinions and creative ideas through the development of scripts, the performance of news, entertainment and persuasive programming, and the design, recording and editing of all elements necessary to create an effective production. 

The skills students develop throughthis course will be applied to the creation of DVD projects andtelevision programming for Internet, mobile devices, broadcast andcable distribution, plus, in the second semester, the daily liveproduction of the Logan Live series. Regardless of what career the studentchooses to pursue, the skills this course helps them acquire willserve them on their job (by being able to effectively communicateproposals and accomplishments) and in their personal life (byenhancing the recording of family history.) They will also be ableto help their community by effectively communicating the needs andachievements of groups and organizations. 

Upon successful completion of the course students will have a portfolio of television productions they have collaboratively helped to create.Students take this course over a two yearperiod. Semester 1 is taken in the 11th Grade. Semester 2 istaken in the 12th Grade.