If you lost a copy of a handout or need a template, many of the files are available here.

Templates & Forms
 Practice Job Application - Save a copy in your class folder. Use the copy and type your information. Sign and date it before turning it in.
 A/V Script Template | Use this Word 97/2000/XP .doc file as a template for writing scripts in the two-column, audio/video format.
 Teleprompter Script Template | Download and use this .rtf file to create a script for use in the Studio 104 teleprompter.  Make sure the speaker's name remains a light color other than white, and the text that will be said appears in white letters.  The background should remain black.  This file is formatted using the Rich Text Format and you will need to use an editor that retains the color elements.  LibreOffice Writer should work.
PostersEMP Film Poster Template | DVA Film Poster Template |
Class Film Small Poster Template | Class Film Large Poster Template |
Use Photoshop and one of these templates to create a poster for your film.
Film Trailer Tag Template
 Titles Templates | Customize these Photoshop files for your film credits.
Class Film Titles |
 Logan Live Show Rundown | Use this to plan the show.
 Logan Logo Lower Third Template | Use a copy of this Photoshop template to create lower-third titles for your news story.
 News Script Template | Use a copy of this to type your script. Refer to the News Script Guidelines for basic help.
 Ohlone College Credit - If you received a grade of "B" or higher in both the EMP I and EMP II video production semesters you may receive 3 units of college credit from Ohlone. 
| Info for Students | 2+2 Student Contract for Credit | Online Application |
| Articulation Agreements |
 Practice Job Application | Use this form to practice applying for a job.
 Recording Logs | Video Log | Audio Log | Basic Shots |
 Release Forms | Performance Release | Documentary Release |
 Screenplay Template | Use this Word 97/2000/XP .doc file as a template for writing scripts in the screenplay format.
 Storyboard| 16:9 Storyboard Form4:3 Storyboard Form |
 Family Documentary Project | Handout A | Handout B | Handout C |
 Aspect Ratios
Proxy Editing Proxy Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC - How to speed up the editing of 4K footage when using Premiere.
Use Proxies to Edit Fast in Adobe Premiere
WritingA/V Script: How to type a script using the two-column audio-visual format.
 Basic Video Editing: How to create a basic video using Adobe Premiere CS6.
ComputerComputer Account Set-Up: How to set-up your computer account in the video lab.
Logan LiveLogan Live Guidelines 
Logan Live Weather Graphics
| Weather Graphics Tutorial | Photoshop Template | Radar Capture Guide|
Logan Live Broadcasting | Control Room Set-Up | Studio Set-Up | Streaming & Recording |
 Logan Live Text Graphics: How to create text-based graphics to illustrate Logan Live announcements.
 Control Room - Network Settings
Video Basic Video Editing: How to create a basic video using Adobe Premiere CS6.
 Premiere Project Downgrader -  Upload a Premiere Project (.prproj) file and this tool will instantly convert it to be openable in any older version of Premiere.

Music Video Basic Editing: How to synchronize clips and perform multi-camera editing in Adobe Premiere CS6.
 Edit a Stills-Based Video: How to create a video from still images and narration using Adobe Premiere CS6. 
 Motion Graphics: An introduction to creating a PSA using Adobe After Effects.
AudioNarration Editing: How to edit narration audio using Audacity.
 Narration Recording: How to record narration audio using Audacity.
Portfolio Online Portfolio using
1 – Why You Need an Online Portfolio | 2 – Set-Up Your Project | 3 – Basic Site Set-Up |
4 – Customize Your Site’s Appearance | 5 – Prepare Content | 6 – Add Content |
7 – Portfolio Checklist | 8 - Your Learning Experience | 9 - Keep in Touch |
 Google Backup and Sync allows you to synchronize files on your desktop computer with files stored in your Google Drive account. 
 Computer Account Set-Up: How to set-up your computer account in the video lab.

Shared Drive: How to work with a Google Drive folder that has been shared with you.
Class Forms
 DVA I | Syllabus | Parent Form |
DVA II | Syllabus | Parent Form |
EMP I & II | Syllabus | Parent Form |
Multimedia Workshop | Syllabus | Parent Form |
All Classes Equipment Responsibility | Student Release | MVROP Release |
 Poster Tutorial - How to Create a Poster for Your Movie. 
 Center Cut Safe Reference | Use this photoshop file to make sure your graphics and footage will have the essential content viewable when distributed.
 Title Graphics Templates Folder | Open this folder and download the individual files. Use Photoshop to customize them for your film.
 Various Logos | Explore this folder for school-related logos. For the Photoshop files you may also have to download fonts.
 Images for Video: How to prepare still images for use in a video.
 Screenplay Writing - Alameda County Online Resources (Use your library card to access)
| Writing a screenplay - John CostelloStory Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay - Daniel CalvisiScreenplays: How to Write and Sell Them - Craig BattyThe Art And Craft Of Storytelling: A Comprehensive Guide To Classic Writing Techniques - Nancy Lamb |
 FilmEd. for Students | Self-directed students can use this site to gain skills and knowledge about professional filmmaking practices, to showcase their own work on the FilmEd. Video Channel, and to connect with local programs and resources. 
 Rights and Permissions | Copyright on YouTube | U.S. Copyright Office | Student Press Law Center | Creative Commons |

Image Sources Use Google Images Advanced Search and set "usage rights" to "free to use share modify" and set the "image size" high enough to avoid low resolution results. 
 I made a movie... now what? Amy Do got her start in film/media at Ohlone Community College. This article talks about her career so far. Rabbit Fever is her first feature film.
 Legal Music For Videos | Many musicians choose to release their songs under Creative Commons licenses, which give you the legal right to do things like use their music in your videos.
 Moviemaker Magazine | "The nation’s leading resource on the art and business of making movies and the world’s most widely read independent film magazine."
 NFHS Network / PlayOnSports | A guide to producing live event coverage.  
 | Resume Formats GuideResume FormatsComplete Resume Format Guide |
High School Resume ExamplesStudent Resume Templates |
Creating an Infographic ResumeAwesome Infographic Resume
 U.C. Berkeley Web Searching Guidelines

Elevator Pitch Video Rubric Your Elevator Pitch Video will be graded according to this rubric
 Online Portfolio | Your online portfolio assignment will be graded according to this rubric.
Video Tutorials
 Creating a Motion Graphics PSA | Part 1 | Part 2 |
 Narration Recording and Editing | Record | Edit |
 News Story Tutorials | Sound Bites | Refine Sound Bites Transcript Reporter Track |
 A Day in the Life of Television
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| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |
 Introduction to Filmmaking
Tools of Film: Working on SetA Day in the Life of a Production AssistantHow To Be a GREAT Production AssistantWho's Who in the Movie Credits | Film Crew - Five Minute Film SchoolTHE CREW - Grip Department THE CREW - Lighting DepartmentTHE CREW - Camera DepartmentTHE CREW - Sound DepartmentSetiquette 101: How to Behave on a SetShots vs. Set UpsSpielberg: How to Introduce Characters Grip Hardware EssentialsHow to Rent and Load a Grip TruckDie Hard Editing Concepts |
 Music Video Help
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Genre | Forming Ideas | Contracts | Pre-Production | Directing | Editing |
 Photos| 2014 Fall Logan Live Team 1 | 2014 Fall Logan Live Team 2 | 2014 Spring Logan Live Team 1 | 2014 Spring Logan Live Team 2 | 2013 Fall Logan Live Team 1 | 2013 Fall Logan Live Team 2
Books | Adobe Premiere CC 2018 Classroom in a Book |