Logan Live Special Edition Guidelines

Until we return to Logan classrooms, the Logan Live series will produce once-a-week special edition shows.  Each show will premiere Monday morning of its scheduled week.  Segments will include: announcements; a U.S. history calendar; entertainment, weather and words of wisdom segments.  If Logan sports resume before the return to classrooms, a sports segment will be added.

Here is the Special Edition Show Format which is a Google Doc that may be copied and placed in your own Logan Live folder.

All scripts should be reviewed with your team’s producer before they are recorded on-camera.  To record your part of a show segment, copy your parts of the approved script and paste it into Teleprompt.me, the online teleprompter that scrolls automatically as you read.

To set up for recording, find a table or desk in a well-lit area where you can place your Chromebook for recording.  Place a phone at the bottom of your screen and turn on the selfie-camera in video recording mode. Adjust the position of the Chromebook display so the phone camera frames you with proper headroom.  Your goal is a medium shot with a bottom edge close to your waist and a top edge above your head.  It may take some trial-and-error adjusting the Chromebook and standing back far enough for a medium shot.

Make sure the phone’s video record settings are set to 1080p. When you are ready, make sure the room is quiet and your image is properly lit.

Start recording on the phone. Wait a couple of seconds, then read your script as if you were speaking in front of a crowd.  Since the phone’s microphone is most likely at least a few feet away from your mouth, you want to talk louder than normal to get the best sound recording.  When you are done reading your script, wait a few seconds then stop the recording.  If you make an error while recording, stop the recording and start a new one.  Do not save any recordings that have errors.

For entertainment, weather and Words of Wisdom, you should have only one recording.  Each anchor should have one recording for the show open, separate recordings for each announcement, and one recording for the show close.

Send your recordings to your Google Drive Logan Live folder.  Rename each recording using this naming format:


Replace YYMMDD with the two digit year, two digit month and two digit date.
Replace SEGMENT with your segment.  If you are an anchor replace SEGMENT with your first name followed by a number indicating that identifies each of your recordings.
Make sure .EXT is the same file extension as the original video file.

Here are some examples for a show that debuts February 1, 2021:
210201-entertainment.mov would be a quicktime video for the entertainment segment.
210201-jim1.mp4 would be anchor jim’s first recording using the mp4 format.

Once you have your video(s) in your Google Drive Logan Live folder, send copies to your producer’s show folder.

When you read a script that includes someone else, make sure you only pause briefly when there part of the script appears, then immediately start reading your next portion of the script.  A still frame of you when you paused will be used to fill in any time needed for the other person to read their part.



When you are done reading your script keep the recording going and step away so that you do not appear in the camera’s image.  The empty background is needed for show editing in an attempt to add you onto the Logan Live virtual studio set.


Once you have recorded a few seconds of your room background without you in it, stop the video recording.  Once you have one recording that includes all of your show segments, place it in your team’s Google Drive Drop Box.  Send an email message to your producer to let them know the file is ready, and to note and restarts as you read your script.