Logan Live!

Welcome to the home of Logan Live! and other videos produced by students enrolled in video production classes held at the James Logan High School Television Facilities in Room 104 from Fall 2012 through Spring 2021.

Electronic Media Production Academy

Classes included TV Broadcast Technology / Electronic Media Production (EMP) I & II,  a one year course taken over a two year period by students enrolled in the Electronic Media Production (EMP) Academy as part of the Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program (MVROP) logo. Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program. Semester 1 was taken in the 11th Grade. Semester 2 is taken in the 12th Grade.  Semester 2 students produced the daily Logan Live series.

Digital Video ArtsDigital Video Arts I and II were one year courses for students not enrolled in the EMP Academy. Students formed teams to produce video projects in collaboration. Together they generated ideas for video projects and produced them.

Multimedia WorkshiopMultimedia Workshop was a one year course limited to a few students who created videos in addition to providing audio-visual support services for live campus events.

For more about these classes please visit the 2012-2021 Logan TV Classes website.

Videos produced since Fall 2012 are hosted here and at the LoganTVnet YouTube channel. To see older student videos please visit the JLHS Video Production YouTube channel.