Submit a PSA to Logan Live!

public service announcementIf you have video production skills and are authorized by an event’s sponsor, you may submit an edited video announcement for broadcast on Logan Live.  Please follow the guidelines below.

Logan Live Public Service Announcement (PSA) Guidelines

1. Your announcement my promote a campus event, such as special classroom projects, club meetings, fundraisers, competitions, performances, leadership activities, etc.
2. Video Footage:
A. Record in high definition: 1920 by 1080.
B. You may use a phone to record the footage, but make sure the images are wider than they are high. This is known as landscape mode.
C. If you wish to include people talking make sure you use a microphone that is within 6 to 12 inches from their mouth when you record.
3. Graphics
A. Keep text to a minimum (no more than 20 words on the screen at one time)
B. Do not use any very fonts that are hard to read.
C. Keep text size to at least 36 pixels high.
D. Keep text within the safe title area (an imaginary rectangle approximately 50 pixels from each image edge.)
4. Any video, graphics, or music you use must be original.  If it is not original you must provide permission from the copyright holder.
5. Follow the AIDA formula
A. Use the first few seconds to get the viewer’s Attention.
B. The next few seconds should make it clear why the viewer should be Interested in your message.
C. Provide details that will create a Desire to find out more.
D. The last few seconds of your message should show how the viewer can Act. Include only one of the following:
1. Date, Time and Location of the event.
2. eMail address for more information.
3. Phone number for more information.
4. Room and person to contact.
5. Website.
6. Final Video
1. No more than 30 seconds
2. Meets all guidelines above.
3. Approved by the event’s sponsor.

When your video is ready to submit please click here.  If you cannot see the form, sign in using your NHUSD email address.