A new kid goes to his new school and is bullied.  Will he take it or will he man up?

“It was really fun once everyone was willing to put effort into the film.”

Bully Poster

Bully Screenplay

Travis Anthony Losongco as John
Michael Angelo Moreno as Jack
Michael Leite as Richard
Rich Yacco as Mr. Sosa
Serene Aburamadan as Mother’s Voice
Rufus Mitchell as Ringtone Dancer

Based upon a story by
Brandon Bitz
Solomon Hernandez
Michael Angelo Moreno
Owen Valdez
Antowan Watson

Christopher Astudillo-Madrinan
Brandon Bitz
Leo Cordero, Jr.
Phil Estrada
Solomon Hernandez
Keonte Taylor
Khari Thomas
Owen Valdez

Director Khari Thomas
Producer David Dong
Editing & Music Owen Valdez & Leo Cordero, Jr.
Director of Photography Cedric Pascual

Assistant Director Leo Cordero, Jr.
Assistant Producer Serene Aburamadan
Production Manager Christopher Astudillo-Madrinan
Camera Assistant Owen Valdez
Audio Recordist Eddie Uribe
Caterer Nealand Chong

Production Assistants
Brandon Bitz
Phil Estrada
Solomon Hernandez
Rufus Mitchell
Antowan Watson

Executive Producer
Rich Yacco

Digital Video Arts
Period 3, Spring 2013

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New Haven Unified School District
Union City, California