The Locker Chase

Never close a girl’s locker… you will get hurt!

Our chase movie is about a person chasing someone down after she has unexpectedly slammed her locker shut. The scene starts with the incident of the locker slam and continues as main character, Sophia chases Analise throughout the campus to seek revenge for Analise’s mean act, which is eventually achieved at the end when Sophia beats her up.

Videographer- Makiah Franklin
Director- Rashod Parcell-White
Production Assistant- Monica Diaz
Actors- Analise Alforque, Sophia Leon, Makiah Franklin

“We had a good time making this movie. We learned how filmmaking is a time consuming process that takes patience and precision.”

To download and print the 11″ x 17″ poster, right-click on the image below and “Save as” to your computer.

The Locker Chase