The Adventures of Daquan

A teenager awaiting a possible recording contract is devastated when his phone is stolen.

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Produced by Desiree Hernandez
Directed by Wonyi Kauhi
Starring Robert, Daniel Cruz, Anthony Headley, Frank Jose, Jovy Louis Moya and Aniket Raval.
Edited by Gabriel Cruz-Mariscal
Music and Sound Effects by Daniel Cruz
Videographers: Gabriel Cruz-Mariscal John Higares
Audio Recordists: Keonte Hodge and Guadalupe Tamayo
Props/Wardrobe: John Higares
Executive Producer: Rich Yacco
Assistant Producer: Rebecca Hernandez
Assistant Director: Horacio Rodriguez Jr.
Production Assistants:
Ariel Martinez Carbajal, Brayan Castillo, Noah Castellon, Salvador Chahin, Jevin Ellis, Aubreyana Ochoa, Taylor Rasay, Liz Thomas, Keng Long Wong and Brandon Vieira
Screenplay by the Period 3 Spring 2015 Digital Video Arts Class