Sugar Rush

Never leave your food on the table
Christian steals Jahir’s snack and runs off with it. Jahir chases after him.

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Produced by students in Digital Video Arts, Period 3, Fall 2015

Starring Christian Godinez, Anthony Jaime and Jahir Hernandez
Directed by Ezequiel Castro
Produced by Ezequiel Castro
Story by Anthony Jaime and Jahir Hernandez
Edited by Jahir Hernandez
Music and Sound Fx by Armon Heydari
Videography by Armon Heydari
Production Assistants Ezequiel Castro and Anthony Jaime

“We thought up a story involving a chase, developed a synopsis, storyboarded it, filmed it, edited it, created the music and sound fx, and distributed it. We experienced all of the steps of the production process and it was very fun to film and use a tripod and a camera.”