The Snatcher

It’s Snatch Time The Snatcher (Joed Prudente) sees an innocent student (Nicholas Anit) distracted by his homework, Joed approaches and SNATCHES the student’s phone which leads into a wild chase around the campus of James Logan High School.

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Produced by students in Electronic Media Production, Period 2, Fall 2015

Starring Joed Pruedente, Nicholas Anit, Paolo Acob and Janmarlo Lising
Directed by Janmarlo Lising
Produced by Paolo Acob
Story by Joed Pruedente and Janmarlo Lising
Edited by Paolo Acob
Music and Sound FX by Paolo Acob
Videographer Jeremy Castaneda
Production Assistants Paolo Acob and Janmarlo Lising

“The experience of making this film was pretty fun. We, as a group had learned so much from making this video. We also learned the basics of editing.”