Stolen Keys

TAGLINE: Stolen keys chase ends with a plot twist.

SYNOPSIS: Group of kids are sitting down discussing a group project. Someone takes keys from one of the kids and a chase begins.

CREDITS: Starring Jeffrey Owens, Phillip Ventigan and Nikolette Joseph; Directed by Melanie Rosanesl Produced by Nikolette Joseph; Story by Tamia Jackson; Edited by Philip Ventigan; Music and Sound FX by Jeffrey Owens; Videographer Almer Sespene; Production Assistant Tamia Jackson

COMMENT: This assignment was fun, it opened up new doors to certain things I might interested in later on in the future of my career path. The experience I had with being an actor was fun choreographing my own stunts was fun something I will be glad to use in the future. Editing the music and sound effects was the best part for me of this film and proved to be very intriguing and fun.