Daddy Issues

“This dad has issues!!!”

A short film produced by students in the Fall 2017 Electronic Media Production 1 class.

Max takes his girlfriend and as he knocks on the door he first meets her father. Her father then gets mad at her for having a friend that’s a boy and gets really mad.

Director: Max Weisbarth
Editor: Meelo Roque
Videographer: Michael Kapke
Production Assistants: Mark Luyon
Actors: Max Weisbarth, Miguel De Guzman, Kaitlin Greenley
Music: Miguel De Guzman

This assignment was to make a chase scene without any talking in it and to later add in music. It was really fun to plan but with the storyline we chose, it was very hard to portray what we wanted to convey the idea without talking. It was challenging but at the end we are happy with that came out.