Supah Hot Fire Mixtape

Will Mista Seanny S Easy ever trust anyone with his music again?

Mista Seanny S Easy makes a big mistake by trusting his companion, Seb S Money Piles. Seb
manages to steal and flee with Seanny’s supah hot fire mixtape, resulting in an intense chase.

Starring: Sean Rivera, Sebastian Raygoza, and Alejandro Duran
Directed by: Alyanna Pasta
Videography by: Scott Suplick
Edited by: Sean Rivera
Music & Sound FX: Kevin Cabrera
Production Assistant: Kevin Cabrera

The Experience:
We now know the entire process of shooting a film, despite it being a short film! This was a
great learning experience for every single one of us, and we enjoyed the amount of creativity we
all brought to the table.