Rob and Run

A film produced by students in the Period 3 Fall 2019 Digital Video Arts 1 class.

Sypnosis: Our video is about a student (Jimmy) who gets robbed for his belongings by some bullies (Billy and friend) and begins to fight back and chase them. It ends with him (Jimmy) getting revenge and getting his belongings back from the bullies.

Tagline: Rob and Run, “you messed with the wrong one”

Actors: Kevin Celestine (Jimmy) , Anthony Arroyo (Billy’s friend), Tamontay Buffin (Billy)
Director: Jean-Luc Herrera
Videography: David Henry
Edited: Glenn Batuyong
Production Assistants: Jean-Luc and David

The assignment was hard because we had a limited amount of time to record our video and we had to work hard to film a lot of scenes quickly. It was a fun experience making the film because we enjoyed the end result and watching our final video edit.