The Cheesy Chase

A film created by students in the Period 5 Fall 2019 Digital Video Arts 1 class.

1. The Cheesy Chase film is about two friends Mohammad and Angelo who meet up, Mohammad finds cheese next to him. He then starts chasing Angelo with the cheese to give him the cheese touch.
2. Tagline: This chase bout to get gouda.
3. Who did what:
• Actors: Angelo Alafriz and Mohammad Baha
• Director: Jazmine Agregado
• Videographer: Elijah Banaag
• Production Assistant: Mia Lum
• Editing: Elijah Banaag
• Music by: Mohammad Baha
4. This project was fun but it was our first one so it was also pretty hard and sometimes confusing. It also required people to have important roles and to work together