The Talking Rock

This is the beginning of a short film produced by Spring 2013 Period 4 Digital Video Arts students. Although the film was not finished you may learn the complete story by reading the screenplay: The-Talking-Rock.  View the Talking Rock Movie Poster

Here’s the film’s trailer:


Copyright © 2013 James Logan High School
New Haven Unified School District
Union City, California

Dominic Hernandez as Drake
Diana Muñoz as the voice of Rocky
Matthew Thomson as Josh
Pedro Velazquez as Pedro

screenplay by
The Digital Video Arts Class
Period 4
Spring 2013

based upon a story by
Giovanni De La Rosa
Andrew Lu
Jesse Meyer
Selai Rahimi
Tyler Thomson

director Russell Yee
producer Nicky Bayani
executive producer Rich Yacco
assistant director Paul Arenaz
production manager Jesse Meyer
assistant producer Xavier Flores
audio recordist Andrew Lu
special assistant to Rocky Selai Rahimi

directors of photography
Ismael Mendoza
Giovanni De La Rosa
Jesse Meyer
Aaron Nasir
Russell Yee

camera assistants
Giovanni De La Rosa
Jesse Meyer
Aaron Nasir

production assistants
Aaron Nasir
Victoria Sanders
Tyler Thomson
Pedro Velazquez

Digital Video Arts
Period 4, Spring 2013