The Doll

Beware the doll!

One day, Aolani Gatan discovers a mysterious doll, which had the power to control every movement of her classmate, Earlene Escobal. Now, Earlene must get back the doll from Aolani… before she can do some real harm.

Starring: Earlene Escobal and Aolani Gatan
Director: Josh Prudente
Editor: Earlene Escobal
Music by: Edwin Leong

“It was fun but just really tiring running and stuff…” -Aolani Gatan
“It looked tiring to see them run.” -Josh Prudente

To download and print the 11″ x 17″ poster, right-click on the image below and “Save as” to your computer.

The Doll