The Proposal

Revenge never tasted so sweet
When his romantic proposal goes awry, a determined fiancé will go to any lengths to seek vengeance.

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Produced by students in Digital Video Arts, Period 3, Fall 2015

Starring Ryan NG, Justin Yalung and Niko Oreo
Directed by Zackary Nichols
Produced by Zackary Nichols and Emma Brown
Story by Emma Brown, Zackary Nichols, Ryan Ng, Justin Yalung and Niko Oreo
Editing, Music and Sound FX by Zackary Nichols
Videographer: Emma Brown
Production Assistant: Niko Oreo

“On this assignment, we learned the value of planning and communication. We never had a day where a lack of communication got in the way of shooting, but there were some instances in which we neglected factors in our planning and had to spend extra time on them.”