Revenge of the Ghost Boy

A film produced by students in the Period 3 Fall 2019 Digital Video Arts 1 class.

Ghost boy (Derrick) is in love with Enrrica (Enrique) but they have broken up. Ghost boy discovers Enrrica has a new girlfriend and begins to become jealous of his new girlfriend Joe (Giovanny) because they’re hugging.

I Will Get My Revenge Today!!!!!

Emily Alamillo: Director
Hector Suarez: Music, Assistant
Enrique Arcaina: Actor, Assistant
Derrick Chan: Actor, Assistant
Giovanny: Actor, Assistant
Jeffrey Corn: Videographer, Editor

“The assignment was very stressful in the beginning due to us being behind schedule, it was hard to get on track in the beginning as well. It was also stressful at the end due to us being behind schedule as we rushed a bit.”