The Race

A film created by students in the Period 5 Fall 2019 Digital Video Arts 1 class.

1. Our video is about the relentless determination of a person who was cheated of victory in a race. The film shows the process and journey this person went through to not only get revenge but also win the race they were destined to complete 1st place.
2. I never lose
3. Credits:
Andrew – referee in the race, part of the two people who were playing catch, person who got knocked over, and music and sound effects
Jared – Person who distracted the referee, editor, and videographer
Navveer – Person who got chased and director
Sean – One of the two people who were playing catch and production assistant
Rashita – Person who was chasing and also production assistant
Aaliyah – Production assistant
4. The assignment was very interesting into the taste of what it’s like being in the film industry. The experience that came along with the assignment was great and very educational with the many different steps taken to get the perfect shot.